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As many of you know, I've been writing articles on Seeking Alpha now for several years.  My focus has been in the biotechnology sector and that will continue to be the case moving forward.  I have, however, decided to stop supplying content to that website as it took me further from my divinatory roots where I had so much earlier success.

My new website will provide investors with an opportunity to view their holdings from a completely different perspective.  There will be free content that links you to traditional value analysis which cannot be sacrificed in the process of doing due diligence.  There will also be paid content allowing you to view analysis on stocks that I've made from time to time, and on-demand content for specific ticker symbols you have in mind.

As a reminder, there is never any excuse for not contacting a registered, professional financial adviser before making any investment decision.  That said, I'm here to offer a new way of looking at investment in the sector which should be viewed in the context of entertainment only.

Thaumaturgical stock analysis is singularly unique to me.  I began this voyage just a year ago and have experienced fantastic gains in my holdings when using my process optimally.  I've also made some mistakes.  Any process requires refinement and there's no substitute for focused effort.

I hope you'll come by frequently to visit as this site grows in size and value.

Always be well...

Michael Webb

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