Welcome To Scrying Biotech

As many of you know, I’ve been writing articles on Seeking Alpha now for several years.  My focus has been on the biotechnology sector and that will continue to be the case moving forward.  I have, however, decided to stop supplying content to that website as it took me further from my divinatory roots where I had so much earlier success.

This new website will provide an alternative view of sector investment that I hope you’ll find inspirational.  My intent is to point you in the direction of lucrative equity positions and to steer you away from calamitous losers.

As a reminder, there’s never any excuse for not contacting a registered, professional financial advisor before making any investment decision.  Please read my disclaimer before browsing this site any further.

Thaumaturgical stock analysis is singularly unique to me.  I began this voyage just over a year ago and have experienced substantial gains in my portfolio when applying this process optimally.  Interpretive analysis on the back-end requires refinement, minimization of error and a genuinely focused effort.

I hope you’ll come by frequently to visit Scrying Biotech as we grow in scope and entertainment value.

Always be well…

Michael Webb