A Profitable Return to Divinatory Analysis

In 2013, after less than six months in biotechnology investing, I began applying thaumaturgical analysis in addition to all of the traditional and sundry due diligence techniques.  Here’s a graphical representation of how this created separation from the standard indices in 2013.

2013 Against the Indexes

In 2014, I ignored my previous success, in part, because almost every reading I did on a stock turned up as negative as the overall sector performance played out to be.  Additionally, I was determined to be a better analyst, better writer and better researcher.  The following graphic demonstrates how losing my way cost me money.  Note too, however, that once I shifted my thought process back to what works and left Seeking Alpha, my performance steeply ascends upward.  These graphics are taken from my brokerage account analytical tools.  Here’s my year to date performance on a cost basis.

2014 Against the Indexes

Overall, I’m still up 48.81% on the year even with several notable setbacks.

At this time, I’m back to a thaumaturgical first approach and my brokerage account is benefiting from that choice.

Always be well…