ACTCD Was Our First Winner!!!

Posted to the Scrying Biotech website on August 31st, my first purchase of $13,994 was made on September 4th for $8.88 a share.  Over the next 3 days, the stock rose over 32%.  I sold shares each day for a total profit of $4,235.  Here was my strategy taken directly from the last paragraph of the “I’m In” page.

“I’m looking for a 30% climb and will be out upon reaching that target.  I’m mindful, however, that publication of positive Phase I results in a prestigious scientific review such as the New England Journal of Medicine, could see the stock double in value over night.  Nonetheless, I’ll take profits as they present themselves.”

ACTCD Results 1-Month Chart

That’s a good and auspicious start.  Let’s hope we do as well moving forward.  It should be noted that I took out a second position in ACTCD with the profits only and will hold through November 6th or a 30% gain – whichever comes first.  This is not however part of the Scrying Record.  Those trades are found only under the “I’m In” tab.