Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

As the few people who come up to my site already realize, I’ve had a strained relationship a good amount of the time with my editors at Seeking Alpha.  Quite frankly, I’m a difficult person to work with because I have impossible standards for myself that bleeds over to unrealistic expectations of others.

Yesterday, however, Mike Taylor, Eli Hoffman, George Moriarty, Daniel Shvartsman and company did something truly heroic.  They allowed me to speak openly within a published piece on Seeking Alpha about an added layer of due diligence I perform on most stocks I consider called a tarot card reading.  This is no small thing.  Many, if not most, people treat practitioners of tarot as if they were charlatans.  Just as marginalizing are those who feign acceptance while insisting we not talk about it thereby keeping it in the closet.

Therefore, I wish to thank Mike, Eli, George, Daniel and anyone else who participated in that decision for their courage.  I doubt seriously that anyone of them has an experience with this craft that would afford them the confidence in it that I possess, but that’s what makes their choice uncommon, and what makes me highly appreciative.

And I want to thank Mike Taylor, once again, for saving me due embarrassment by nixing the publication of my naïve submission on NovaBay recently.  Due because I haven’t learned to stop falling for the nonsense that biotech executives habitually throw out there for gullible people like me to eat up.  In this regard, and many others, I’m a total loser.  Mike saved me from myself.  And for that I’m grateful.

Always be well…

Michael Webb