It is now my firm and growing belief that the entire story of humanity as it is now unfolding before our very eyes is the result of a divide between those who love Jesus and, therefore, the freedom of the individual, and those who believe in their own righteousness and, therefore, in the control of others.  I have always been led by the mercy and grace of God down the paths my life has taken.  Sadness has been my constant companion.  I have not been a good example to others of a life well lived let alone a life lived in Christ.  Regardless, I have embraced the truth when it has been presented to me, even if that truth is not widely held and even if I lay myself open to criticism.  The truths I have discovered are these.

  • Our World Has Been Stolen From Us
  • All That We Now Know To Be True Is Predicated Upon A Series Of Lies
  • We Must Use Magical Tools To Fight The Enemy

When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, the power structure of control in Judea was shaken.  Three Magi (practitioners of magic and astrology) were the first to visit Jerusalem in search of the king.  I want you to think about this.  Three non-Jews, non-religious gentiles were the first to seek out the Messiah.  The chief priests and teachers of the law knew this day was coming for it had been foretold them but they sought instead to repress all knowledge of it.  Now, into their midst came these three Persians who used divination as a means of connecting to God not by writ of law but by spirit.  And they spoke this truth to power.

Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?  We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.

Now, you would think that the leaders of the people would welcome this external and profound confirmation of truth.  That they would be excited to know that the time had come for the Jews to be free from torment, degradation and oppression – no longer a wayfaring people but at home in the protection of God.  But those who rule over us no matter how good their intentions have as their primary goal the retention of power.  And so it was that King Herod, ironically a convert to Judaism and raised a Jew, when told of the Magi’s visit secretly called them into his presence and the first lie was told.  In Herod’s own words.

Go and make a careful search for the child.  As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him.

This practice of utilizing but hiding the power of magical persons became the lie of hiding his corrupt intentions to kill Jesus.  But God spoke to the Magi through a dream to expose Herod’s pernicious plan.  When they returned to Persia without divulging Jesus’ location, Herod ordered the mass murder of all male children up to 2-years of age.

These lies and murders of innocent people continue unabated to this very day.  The only differences are that the levels of repression are increasing; the tools to commit mass murders are advancing in scope, size and accuracy; and justifications for committing these crimes are legion.  The hearts of men have been cooled and corrupted.  Those in control are now drunken not only from fruits of the vine but from the worship of Satan.  Our children are being abducted, tortured, dismembered and slaughtered while we remain silent.

Jesus weeps.