Onconova Therapeutics – The Destroyer Of Happy Holidays

I/we are long Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX)

Sunday, December 31, 2017 – Always do your own due diligence and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decision.

After Friday night’s filing of a $15m shelf offering, it’s far easier to wish you a Happy New Year than it is to feel it. As someone who is unhealthily committed to a disproportionately large position in Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX), I’m experiencing gnawing sensations at the other end of the sentience spectrum including those of worry and grief. This most unpleasant ride which began for me in late May of this passing year has featured a limp-along equity raise near Thanksgiving that was followed by an avalanche of selling activity trapping investors beneath a freezing pack of price killing snow. Two of three holidays have now been utterly ruined by circumstance and provide yet another reason to steer clear of nano-cap biotech investing.

Fearing the worst at this juncture is the most logical response. There have been few if any buy-indicators and most of the good news published by the company could best be described as benign or suspect. The recent commercial and developmental partnership of Onconova’s CDK-4/6 Inhibitor in China would be a perfect example of this – the terms of which were not disclosed and the partner, HanX, not well known.

There are now only two logical outcomes for the INSPIRE interim review. Probable failure and possible continuace – either “as planned” or weighted toward one of the two subgroups of high or higher risk patients. Moving foreword, I’ll refer to this  as “continued with adaptations.” Failure, a crossing of the futility boundary that this S-1 filing and stock trading pattern allude to, will result in the death of rigosertib as a clinical trial prospect – at least in adult MDS; possible delisting of the company on the NASDAQ; emphasis on a pipeline asset (ON123300) that hasn’t yet entered the clinic; and a string of inevitable value clobbering reverse splits and equity raises down the road. Not a pretty picture!

That noted, I remain convinced that this issue is, as yet, unsettled. And, it is possibilities, isn’t it, that have us gambling in this very high risk/reward end of the stock market investment pool. Consequently, what follows are tidbits of information, analysis and speculation that will help long position holders like me to make informed decisions on what to do next should what is possible become what is actual early next week.

INSPIRE Continuance Comes In Two Strengths And With Or Without A Chaser

Since the aforementioned S-1 came without an affixed share price  those of us on StockTwits have been desperately trying to convince ourselves that an announcement regarding trial continuance is the root cause of this omission. Ah, the human mind is a tricky and miraculously self-protective mechanism. This idea was bolstered by a fall in short positions and anemic after hours trading given the apparent gravity of the situation. Of course, the choice of date and time, Friday night before a three day weekend, likely had a lot to do with that. As a result, premarket Tuesday could be a better indicator of investor sentiment. I’m about to speculate on these two versions of continuance – “As Planned” and “With Adaptations”; their effect on the share price and how I’ll play them. Enjoy!

Extra-Strength: Continue As Planned

Let’s cover a few crucial data points before we continue. The market capitalization of ONTX as of market close Friday, December 29th was $16.13m (10,758,537 shares x $1.50). Importantly, there are 3,294,771 shares of common stock issuable upon the exercise of outstanding warrants at a weighted average of $5.10 each. Important because any rise above $5.10 will likely bring badly needed capital into the company of up to $16.8m and automatic dilution of up to 30.6%.

The INSPIRE real-world U.S. MDS population comes in at about 5k patients. At a common price point per treatment of $100k intravenous rigosertib targets a $500m U.S. market. Because cancer treatment centers are centralized throughout the country only a small salesforce would be required to access this market. Additionally, rigosertib would undoubtedly be added to a schedule of matched genetic markers and therapeutic treatments that already exist for doctors to reference making the task of physician awareness all the easier.

An announcement, therefore, that the trial will “continue as planned” would be greeted enthusiastically by Mr. Market. Developmental biotechs are appraised both on a variable market multiple and their ability to capture that market. Fair value for Onconova on a supposition of INSPIRE success in late 2018 should come in at about $1bn. It would, however, take the market a significant time to catch up to this reality. The doubters wouldn’t go away easily and the Feuerstein/Ratain Rule would still be in play.

How much of a share price ascent should we then expect if the trial continues as planned? I’m guessing between 7 and 14 times it’s current level ($10.50 – $22.00). Should that be the case, $16m of capital flows in by way of those previously addressed warrants and an equity raise in the upper single digits or higher is a no-brainer.

Significantly, the new market-cap of the company would be factored on roughly 14m shares plus the number issued to raise the additional $15m. Keep this in mind as financial sites are late in making accurate calculations and, sometimes, deliberately misleading. If we assumed the best and the equity raise was 1m shares at $15 each, the new market-cap in this most optimistic of scenarios would be $225m (15m shares x $15 per share = $225m).

Mild-Strength: Continue With Adaptations

This becomes a highly problematic scenario that relies upon the competency of our CEO, Ramesh Kumar, to effectuate. His ability to convince Mr. Market that the commercial opportunity remains significant is pivotal in how enthusiastically investors respond. Truthfully, I can’t gauge it because I don’t know how large a swath of that 5k potential patients we’re addressing. Hopefully, Kumar does and can communicate that well enough to encourage new initiates to dive in. Sell-side analysts will, no doubt, play a part in that process but the onus remains on Kumar’s skillset.

I could easily see only a doubling of today’s share price as confusion holds newcomers at bay. Then again, I could also see a sevenfold increase if Kumar articulates the commercial opportunity compellingly. As a result, I’m not sure how impactful a $15m public offering would be on the risen share price. If at the low-end of the spectrum ($3.00) devastating. If at the high end ($10.50) eminently tolerable.

The Partnership Chaser

A commercial and/or developmental partnership would ensure that the top end of both price targets would be reached with ease. Onconova owns the worldwide rights to rigosertib except in Japan and Korea where Symbio has already secured them. An upfront payment of $10m or more with the usual milestones and royalties would serve to validate the chances for regulatory approval and commercial success. And CEO Kumar has already demonstrated a knack for reaching these accords, therefore, I expect one.

How Much Data Will Be Made Public At Interim?

I get this question from time to time and respond by stating – as little as possible. Trial veracity depends, in large part, on how little patients are biased by what they know and don’t know about the drugs they’re taking. Therefore, I don’t expect CEO Kumar to be telling us with any degree of specificity how long patients are living in either trial arm. I do expect him to speak in generalities such as – the trial is on target to reach its primary endpoint. I do believe, however, that data can be shared with potential partners which makes any announcement along those lines all the more compelling.

How I’ll Respond To The Various Outcomes

I’ll refer all questions by way of email or on StockTwits to this article and retain the right to sell my 15.3k shares as I see fit. That noted, if the trial continues with adaptations, I’ll likely sell some or all of my shares if the price rises short of $5 on the day of that announcement. If the price goes higher, I’ll likely hold firm.

If the trial continues as planned without a partner, I’ll likely sell some of my shares but retain most of them. In either scenario, with a partner, I’ll likely hold them all through the data readout in 2018.

In Conclusion

Pessimism rules my Onconova world. While I clearly don’t see defeat from every vantage point, Friday’s S-1 filing added to an already bleak outlook. I’ve noted the long odds of success with every video and article I’ve published but still pressed forward without selling a share and accumulating whenever I could. There is one other possibility I didn’t address in this missive – the trial continuing with added patients. At this point, however, that’s equal to outright failure as the company would be unable to fund the trial’s progression to completion.

Always be well…

Thaumaturgical Disclaimer

As a practicing person of magic and aspiring warm-hearted wizard, I’ve utilized tarot cards as a basis for sub-analysis of biotech equities for the past three years and in my personal life for nearly four decades.

Mental Illness Disclaimer

I’ve been diagnosed as suffering from manic depression. Therefore, my reactions to events can sometimes be more pronounced than the facts warrant. I owe investors complete transparency and am the only ideator in biotech to provide that. Please focus on the ideas presented and don’t hesitate to contact me with any factual errors found in the article text.

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