Ocata Therapeutics Is Heating Up

Ocata Therapeutics Heating Up

Investors: as many of you know, I’ve penned a long-thesis for involvement in Ocata Therapeutics, stock ticker symbol OCAT.  You can find that here.  Since the article was published on Seeking Alpha which, among other things, gave voice to the criticisms of the company, another contributor going by the name, Mako Research, published his 2nd 1-sided harangue in about a 1-month period of time.  His 1st article was a 9,000+ word diatribe that had an inverse effect on the stock price.  Investors simply weren’t buying what he was selling – fear and panic.  His 2nd article, a desperate attempt to gain control of the stock price was chalk full of more lies and distortions.  I’ve addressed 2 of these in the illustration above.

From my perspective, it’s important to remember the words of Seeking Alpha biotechnology editor Mike Taylor as he was introduced in April of last year by senior editor George Moriarty.  He was then quoted as saying this concerning his article submission expectations.

I’m biased in favor of analysis that considers the opposite side of an argument – a bull piece that gives careful attention to the bear case and vice versa.

My question to both Mike Taylor and George Moriarty is this: where was there even a hint of objectivity in either article by Mako Research?

Furthermore, I’m constantly reminded by the editorial staff to keep things professional and to always be collegial.  How is it that a writer can be allowed to use adolescent expressions like shareholders are “getting hosed” and then tear down the integrity of a fellow analyst unjustly without be held accountable in the editorial review process prior to publication?

Speaking of fellow analyst, Boris Peaker, Mako Research said the following…

The analyst who wrote the report is Boris Peaker, who has what I consider one of the worst track records I’ve ever seen on the sell side.

Later, he suggested that “where I’m from, any professional with a track record as bad as (Peaker’s) would immediately be fired.  Here’s Boris Peaker’s track record on tipranks.com.

Boris Peaker Tip Ranks

It’s certainly not worthy of such harsh treatment and favorable to Mako Research’s TipRanks record found here.  Though Mako’s comments fall under the heading of opinion, and out of the realm of collegiality, they are certainly an anathema to what Seeking Alpha has suggested is their minimum publication standard.  It appears to me that there’s a good deal more editorial latitude given to writers espousing a short-thesis than to those articulating a long-position.  This feeds into a larger truth regarding life and living – that it is easier to tear something or someone down than to build them up.

Always be well…